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Adidas Weight Lifting Belt Nylon Various Sizes New

Adidas Weight Lifting Belt Nylon Various Sizes New

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Model:  ADGB-12239-XL

The Adidas Deluxe nylon lumbar belt is ideal for dead lifts, bench-pressing and other exercises that expose your back. Manufactured from a durable sturdy nylon material, the belt has easy to regulate Velcro closure with durable, heavy duty metal loop for comfort.
Layers of nylon and rigid padding create a comfortable and structured fit designed to complement and assist the muscles of the torso during training and in particular heavier lifts. The metal buckle combined with fold over Velcro strap enables the wearer to achieve a finely tuned comfortable fit.
Belts are best when they are considered as a training aid, so rather than wearing it throughout your strength session put it on for the lifts that you feel you need extra support in the lower back. A belt is also useful for bracing the abdominal wall and creating intra-abdominal pressure. If your goal is simply lifting bigger weights rather than being functional, then chances are this belt will help you achieve those big lifts. Plus, a synthetic belt is preferred by many athletes as it is ready straight out of the box whereas a leather belt will mould and soften to your shape over time.
The adidas Nylon Weightlifting Belt features integrated internal fabric for extra comfort and its fully adjustable Velcro closure ensures a snug and comfortable fit.
100% genuine Adidas product, buy with confidence